Ohio EE Standard Freeze Will Negatively Impact Low Income Residents

Low-income Ohioans to bear brunt of weatherization cuts

Midwest Energy News, November 7, 2014

Although all Ohio ratepayers benefit from energy-efficient home weatherization programs for low-income families, future benefits could suffer from recent changes to state law, says a new report.

Investments in those programs have been producing $2.51 in savings and other benefits for every $1 they cost, reports the study from Policy Matters Ohio.

Yet while Ohio’s energy efficiency standard had been increasing private spending on the programs, changes under Senate Bill 310 threaten to severely limit those investments, the study says.

The law, which became effective this fall, freezes for two years any increases in the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy targets, while also weakening the standards. Meanwhile, a study committee is considering the future of the standards after the two-year freeze.

Some state legislators and utilities have said they want to eliminate any increases in the energy efficiency standard altogether.

That’s bad news for Ohio’s low-income people and for the rest of the state’s ratepayers, said study co-author Amanda Woodrum at Policy Matters Ohio.

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