Ohio Bill Compromising Ability to Cost-Effectively Meet EPA’s Pollution Standards

Ohio Set to Be First State to Freeze Successful Clean Energy Standards

Union of Concerned Scientists, May 30, 2014

Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) is poised to sign legislation, SB 310, that will stop progress towards achieving Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards for two years, with the intent to further roll back the standards at that time.

Since the standards were enacted in 2008, renewable energy has nearly tripled in Ohio, and the state now ranks eighth in the nation for solar jobs. Energy efficiency programs have already helped Ohioans save millions of megawatts of electricity and millions of dollars on electricity bills, while creating thousands more jobs. The state’s transition away from its overdependence on coal and natural gas with these standards has left it at less risk of electricity price spikes while improving reliability and reducing harm to the environment and public health.

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