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Obama Announces New Energy Efficiency Manufacturing Hub in NC

20 Jan , 2014  

President Obama Announces New Energy Efficiency Manufacturing Hub in North Carolina Visit

Switchboard, January 15, 2014

President Obama dropped into our state (North Carolina) on a clean-energy visit Wednesday to tour a private company’s research into energy efficiency and to unveil a new private-public energy consortium at North Carolina State University.

The president’s visit also serves as a nod toward the Tar Heel State’s nation-leading efforts to create clean-energy jobs and the strong pushback in the past year against efforts to ease regulation that promotes clean energy.

In Raleigh, Obama spent an hour in the offices of the power manufacturing companyVacon, a Finnish company that opened a research-and-development facility in 2012 in the Research Triangle Park. Vacon manufactures AC drives, which control the speed of electric motors to maximize energy efficiency.

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