NYC’s LL84 Ordinance Reduces Energy Usage by 5.7% in 4 Years

NY Buildings Reduce Energy Usage 5.7% Since Benchmarking Law Enacted

Energy Manager Today, June 1, 2015. Image credit: melissamahon

The Energy Department has released two resources to help stakeholders analyze the energy, non-energy, and market transformation impacts of building energy benchmarking policies and programs. The first is a handbook that provides methodologies for jurisdictions to use to analyze the impact of their benchmarking policies and programs. The second resource demonstrates the methodologies using real data from New York City’s benchmarking ordinance, Local Law 84 (LL84).

The DOE Benchmarking & Transparency Policy and Program Impact Evaluation Handbook provides cost-effective, standardized analytic methods for determining gross and net energy reduction and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mitigation. The Handbook is a “how-to” guide with procedures and data requirements, permitting any jurisdiction or interested party to assess benchmarking polices in a consistent manner.

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