NovaTorque Motors Claiming 3% More Efficiency Over Nema Premium Motors

Ferrite magnet motors are 3% more efficient than Nema Premium

Drives and Controls, February 5, 2014

The Californian motor manufacturer NovaTorque has announced 7.5hp (5.6kW) and 10hp (7.45kW) versions of its electronically commutated permanent magnet motors, which it claims are 3% more efficient than Nema Premium induction motors.

The PremiumPlus+ motors use low-cost ferrite magnets in a novel flux-focusing design that is claimed to deliver the efficiencies of rare-earth permanent magnet motors at a price that is competitive with induction motors.

According to Scott Johnson, NovaTorque’s vice-president of sales, the new motors, when driven by variable frequency drives (VFDs), achieve motor-only rated-point efficiencies of more 94% – 3% higher than those of Nema Premium motors. They also exceed the proposed IE4 efficiency ratings.

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