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New York State Facilities Catch the Efficiency Bug

New York State Facilities Catch the Efficiency Bug

Gita Subramony for Zondits, July 7, 2014

NYSERDA recently surveyed commercial and industrial facilities in New York State in order to get a better look at their attitudes on energy efficiency. This type of research has the potential to help NYSERDA better assist NY building owners and operators with their efficiency needs. As part of the study, a research firm completed more than 800 interviews with facility staff and company executives about efficiency.

An overwhelming majority (92%) of respondents indicated that they were interested in or actively involved in promoting energy efficiency as part of their operations. Companies used a variety of strategies for achieving energy savings and reducing energy costs, including turning off equipment not in use, installing new and more-efficient equipment, and using consumption data to determine energy reduction opportunities. The study found that larger companies that have higher energy expenditures were most engaged with reducing usage at their facilities.

One interesting take-away from the research is that companies that made use of NYSERDA programs for efficiency projects reported a higher rate of success in reducing their energy consumption and costs. Another conclusion from the survey was that facility staff and executives felt that a key barrier to efficiency is clearly demonstrating the benefits of energy projects, which suggests that program-provided measurement and verification of savings can play an important role in making the benefits of projects transparent. These findings highlight the importance of continuing a wide range of commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs that successfully educate consumers on the value of efficiency, especially as commitment to it gains traction.