New Report Takes In-depth Look at Industrial Efficiency

Senior executives agree that energy efficiency is critical  to their business in this new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Citing difficulties with the financial case for making specific investments and a lack of clear information on energy efficiency options, a majority actually see legislation mandating efficiency as a benefit.


Intelligent manufacturing: Targeting better energy efficiency

Economist Intelligence, January 24, 2014 

Manufacturing activities account for around one-third of the world’s total final energy consumption. As the global populations continues to expand and living standards continue to rise, demand for industrial goods is set to grow further. Among he numerous challenges around climate change that industry must tackle is industrial energy efficiency– targeting better efficiency of the manufacturing processes at the core of its activities.

This white paper is based on an online survey of 317 senior executives and  16 in-depth interviews with corporate executives and other experts, as well as extensive desk research. These sources provide a backdrop to the discussion of overall trends in industrial energy efficiency, including the drivers of investment in better energy efficiency; the obstacles to investing in efficiency improvements; the ways in which companies are adopting better energy practices; and the outlook for industrial energy efficiency.

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