New Modular Data Center Design 34% More Efficient than 2014 Average

New energy-efficient data center will propel OHSU into ‘big data’ research

Oregon Health & Science University, August 14, 2014

The data center, designed by Perry Gliessman with OHSU’s Information Technology Group, includes large air intakes toward the bottom of the building and large air vents toward the top. Within the data center, the “pods” of computer servers are arranged, like a large wagon wheel, in a hub-spoke-and-wheel design. This arrangement provides the “shortest path route” for air, fiber optic and power distribution.

All of these design elements will allow the center to predominantly use ambient air for cooling — instead of massive air conditioning systems that most data centers use. That’s a large part of why the center will have a “power usage effectiveness” — or PUE —rating of 1.13. The ideal PUE rating is 1.0. The 2014 average for all self-reporting data centers in the U.S. is 1.7.

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