New Mexico Revamps Energy Policies

Gita Subramony for Zondits, May 16, 2014

The state of New Mexico is currently engaged in revamping the state’s policies for energy-related industries in order to drive job growth and economic development. Part of this effort is gathering public input from New Mexico residents, including both local community members and private sector stakeholders. The state’s energy policies were last addressed in the early 1990s and are definitely in need of an update given the many changes to the energy sector over the past twenty years. Public input will be used to draft a report with recommendations later this year. Some of the early recommendations from this process include updating New Mexico’s building code to contain more stringent energy efficiency requirements and enhancing the state’s renewable energy goals. Revising the state’s energy policies could further spur energy efficiency initiatives. Since 2005, New Mexico has been active in energy efficiency – the state’s Efficiency Use of Energy Act (EUEA) required utilities to provide cost-effective energy efficiency programs. Let’s hope that the resulting legislation will help New Mexico develop and deepen their energy efficiency initiatives.


State works to overhaul energy policies

Albuquerque Journal, May 12, 2014

A statewide effort is underway to forge new, comprehensive policies and strategies to promote energy development.

The initiative, which the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department launched last fall, aims to shore up the state’s energy-related industries as a force for job creation and long-term economic development.

That includes virtually every energy sector from oil and gas to biofuels, renewable electric generation and even nuclear power, said Daniel Fine, associate director of the Center for Energy Policy at the New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology in Socorro.

New Mexico Tech is assisting in the initiative, which includes statewide “listening sessions” to collect public input.

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