Senate Energy Committee to Focus on Energy Efficient Jobs and Policy

Minnesota’s Senator Al Franken will lead a Senate Subcommittee hearing to gather information on what other states are doing to create jobs through energy efficiency efforts. Franken’s goal is to identify and propose federally sponsored opportunities for job growth on a local level nationwide.


Sen. Franken to Hold Hearing Examining State Efforts to Implement Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Policy

Al Franken, February 5, 2014

Today, U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) announced that he will chair a Senate Energy Subcommittee hearing focused on what states are doing to create jobs through innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. Sen. Franken said he hopes to use the hearing as an opportunity to hear from businesses about the potential for economic growth, learn about states’ innovative energy policies, and to identify opportunities the federal government can take to support job creation and innovation at the local level.

Witnesses include Minnesota Department of Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman, who will testify about Minnesota’s efforts to implement energy programs, and Randy C. Clark, Senior Vice President of NORESCO, a business unit of United Technologies Company, which has a large presence in Burnsville.

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