Nevada’s LED Program Yields 10% More Energy Savings Than Projected

Nevada Sees Triple the Projected LED Sales Due to Instant Discount

Energy Efficiency Markets, September 14, 2015. Image credit:

“Nevada initiated the LED program in 2014 and had three times the level of participation they had planned the first year,” said Howard Geller, executive director of the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. “Utilities had dropped promotion of CFLs because they are widely adopted and not state of the art. Leds are state of the art.”

The initial target was to sell 170,000 bulbs, but customers bought 550,000 bulbs.

The key to the sales was an instant discount. Customers did not have to fill out a rebate application. In stores, customers saw a display advertising a limited-time discount. In many cases, they didn’t know where the discount was coming from, he said.

Sierra Pacific Power Company said that it spent 32 percent less than the budgeted $10.4 million for residential and business energy efficiency programs, yet still yielded 10 percent more energy savings than projected, a total 54 million kWh annually.

Not only do the energy efficiency programs save energy and money, they also can help the state meet the requirements of the federal Clean Power Plan.

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