Nest Thermostat Software Updates to Increase Efficiency

Nest Thermostat Improves Energy Efficiency, Adds Features

WSJ, November 4, 2014

The Nest Learning Thermostat’s trademark feature—its ability to dial things up or down depending on whether you’re at home or not—is getting tweaked for increased efficiency. Nest is rolling out a software update this week that it says will improve auto-schedule, and reduce a user’s utility bills.

The 4.3 software update will introduce a revised auto-schedule algorithm that the company says will save users as much as 6% on their heating and cooling bills. It achieves this by recognizing a user’s schedule changes more quickly. “So when your schedule shifts—like when summer’s over and the kids are back at school—Nest can now catch on faster that the temperature adjustments you’re making are part of a new pattern rather than just one-off changes,” the Google-owned company said in a statement.

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