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NEEA ‘Home Specification’ Aims to Stay Ahead of 3-Year Code Changes

Energy Adviser: Next-step housing hops ahead of the code

The Columbian, July 31, 2014

Energy-efficient homes are becoming so technologically advanced and contain so much intelligence that your next one may come with its own user manual.

Neil Grigsby, who manages the Efficient Homes Initiative for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance says he hopes that’s not the case, however. Grigsby is working with Northwest utilities to create a specification for homes that goes beyond existing codes and stays ahead of the cycle of three-year code changes. This three-year pace of change puts builders on a constant treadmill trying to keep up with standards.

“Our goal is to think nine to 12 years out when developing this home specification, so that builders are ready to meet higher energy efficiency standards as they emerge,” he said. “For this specification, we want to look at existing technology not yet widely available to increase energy efficiency 25 to 30 percent above the existing code.”

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