National Deep Energy Retrofits Program Implemented in Federal Buildings

Expect to see deep energy retrofits for federal buildings

GreenBiz, September 5, 2013

Of the various funding mechanisms for implementing energy efficiency retrofits in buildings, energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) may be the most powerful, especially for federal buildings, where capital for upgrades is about as common as ocean-front property in Arizona. Under an ESPC, the capital costs to undertake a retrofit are funded by its operational energy savings. It is a fantastic, scalable mechanism to get to deep energy retrofits in our existing buildings.

Achieving deep energy retrofits is an essential part of achieving our nation’s energy-use-reduction targets. But we’re not going to get there using the same, tired process that we have been using for the past 20 years. That’s where, surprisingly enough, a federal agency is stepping in and taking the bull by the horns. The General Services Administration (GSA) is the nation’s largest public real estate organization—it manages more than 7,000 properties that provide workspace for some 1.2 million federal employees. With such an immense real estate portfolio comes the opportunity for equally big energy savings and positive impact.

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