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The Multiple Benefits of Servo Technology in Industrial Facilities

Servo Technology Makes for Flexible, Efficient Plants

Design News, July 11, 2014. Photo Courtesy of Netty Nina.

Thanks to AC servo technology, plants no longer thunder, screech, and whine. Servo technology has brought the plant down to a low hum. But that’s aesthetics. The more operational and pocketbook value of servo technology is flexibility, lower maintenance needs, and reduced energy consumption. Servo technology also offers significant opportunities for plants to simplify motion control.

Plants can dispense with the heavy, inefficient machinery in favor of lightweight flexible machines. If you’re no longer turning all that metal, you’re burning less energy. Another big advantage is the synchronized varied-axis and multi-axis machines. In the past, machines were coordinated through cams, gears, and linkages. That’s been replaced with servo drives.

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