Microsoft to Build First Zero-carbon, Waste-to-energy Data Center in the U.S.

Microsoft to Build First Zero-Carbon Data Center

Sustainable Brands, November 7, 2014

Microsoft, Siemens and FuelCell Energy have come together to build what they claim is the first zero-carbon, waste-to-energy data center in the U.S.

Microsoft’s data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming uses biogas produced at the nearby Dry Creek facility, which is a byproduct of municipal wastewater treatment. Anaerobic bacteria produce the biogas while stabilizing solids removed from wastewater. The fuel cell electrochemically converts the biogas into electricity to power the Microsoft IT server container. Virtually no air pollutants are released because of the absence of combustion.

The fuel cell plant is expected to produce 300 kilowatts of renewable power while the datacenter will only use about 200 kW. The remaining kilowatts will be delivered back to the wastewater treatment plant to reduce its electric bills.

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