The Mathematical Framework to Relieve Power Grid Congestion

Mathematical formula boosts renewable energy efficiency, March 6, 2015

A mathematical framework for rating transmission lines aims to help relieve power grid congestion to make more efficient use of renewable energy.

The framework has been devised by Curtin PhD student Binayak Banerjee who says current grids are designed for the simple task of taking power from a big energy producer at one end, to consumers at the other.

His research aims to better manage the grid by reducing congestion when power is input from multiple renewable energy sources like wind and solar farms.

Mr Banerjee says Albany’s windfarm in the Great Southern, is an example of a renewable power producer at the end of a congested feeder.

“Congestion occurs when the networks capacity isn’t big enough to transport energy from generation to loads and so the power from wind and solar farms is not fully utilised,” he says.

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