Massachusetts Governor Trying to Improve the Energy Grid

Massachusetts Governor Hopes to Upgrade Natural Gas Pipelines While Leaving Room for Solar and Wind Energy

Gita Subramony for Zondits

Charlie Baker, the newly inaugurated governor of Massachusetts, has recognized that his state pays high rates for energy. In an effort to reduce prices the administration has made natural gas infrastructure a priority. Despite the pursuit of cheap natural gas, Baker’s administration has expressed a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by also encouraging renewables such as solar and wind energy.

Charlie Baker’s challenge: keeping power affordable — and green

The Boston Globe, January 27, 2015

IN ITS latest warning about the Commonwealth’s inadequate energy grid, ISO New England last week said the region “may not have all the resources we need to meet peak demand for power in the very near future.” Governor Charlie Baker should take that as an admonition to make good on his campaign promise to pursue a “balanced approach” to lowering some of the highest energy costs in the nation while still keeping the state on track to diversify its energy sources.

To bring down high energy prices, the region needs to upgrade natural gas pipelines that are too small to handle the new volumes of cheap gas flowing from shale states, especially in peak winter cold. A key mission of the state Department of Public Utilities is to ensure “the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost,” and for now, the cheapest fuel is natural gas.

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