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Refrigeration Parts Company APM Cool Explains How to Save on Energy Costs and Keep Refrigeration Units Clean by Maintaining Equipment

Digital Journal Press Release, March 21, 2014

Refrigeration parts business APM Cool stresses the importance of maintaining your AC system on a regular basis. Not only does this ensure the longevity of the equipment and thus your investment, but it can also considerably reduce the cost of your monthly electric bill.

A malfunctioning refrigeration unit will not run as efficiently as it should and can become a major energy hog if left untreated. Routine inspections and a thorough cleaning when needed can do much to reduce your annual usage and expenses.

Avoid Paying High Energy Bills

If you are the owner of a business in the food service industry and think your building’s AC system plays a minor toll on your budget, think again. A study by Focus on Energy found that commercial refrigeration compressor parts account for roughly half of restaurant energy expenditures. They also noted that with routine maintenance, business owners can conservatively expect to save five to 10 percent on these costs.

There are a few important items to address when creating a maintenance schedule. Make sure to clean the coils in the evaporator and refrigerator once a month or so, as they frequently collect dirt and grime. Using a specially formulated coil-cleansing solution should do the trick, but a simple soap and water mix works just as well.

Wipe the system’s fan blades down regularly, as built-up dust can increase drag and reduce their optimal speed. Have an HVAC company inspect the blades every couple of months to ensure they are running properly.

According to David DeBuc, Vice President of APM Cool, “Another overlooked maintenance tip is keeping cooler door hinges adequately lubricated. If the doors do not shut all the way, the AC system will be forced to run harder to maintain the ideal temperature.”

The compressor parts dealer says most AC maintenance jobs need not be performed by a professional. However, it is always a good idea to hire a contractor when something goes wrong. Visit APM Cool at

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