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Who Are the Leaders in the Clean Energy World?

10 cities aiming for 100 percent clean energy

Mother Nature Network, January 12, 2015

Scientists have been fairly unequivocal in their warnings that we must ditch fossil fuels entirely if we are to have any hope of reversing climate change. Yet despite significant progress in the last year, historic announcements like the China-U.S. climate pact are still pushing a less ambitious, more incremental approach to cutting our emissions.

That may be why many activists are focusing on the local, community level to push a more radical approach. As I recently reported over at TreeHugger, a new grassroots movement has launched petitions in hundreds of cities across the world calling for a transition to 100 percent renewable energy/zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. While this may have sounded like wishful thinking a few short years ago, these activists are actually building on a growing number of communities that have already taken such pledges — and some who appear to have achieved them.

So who are these leaders in the clean energy world?

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