LBNL Predicts Three Data Centers to Save $700,000 in Energy Costs

Valerie Eacret for Zondits, July 14, 2014

Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory recently conducted a study on three federal data centers that vary widely in terms of age, layouts, and locations. The results? Implementing the investigated energy efficiency measures could save 11,500 MWh and an estimated $700,000 in taxpayer money — with a very reasonable payback period of about two years. The article below has more information on the recommendations.


Implementing Energy Efficiency Measures Could Mean Big Savings for Federal Data Centers

Energy Manager Today, June 13, 2014

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) concluded that if three federal data centers implemented energy efficiency measures, they could achieve an estimated $700,000 annually in energy cost savings.

The recommended energy efficiency measures were included in a report “Case Study: Opportunities to Improve Energy Efficiency in Three Federal Data Centers,” prepared by Berkeley Lab for the US Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program.

LBNL was tasked with evaluating three data centers for potential energy efficiency improvements during the summer of 2012. The three locations had different geographic locations, facility layouts, spatial configurations, IT power supplies and demands, and mechanical, electrical and cooling system equipment. The data centers also contained a variety of new and old infrastructure support equipment; dynamic, growing IT platforms; and thousands of computing, storage, and data transport servers and devices.

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