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Investing in Solar Energy Beyond the Grid

What Fenix International’s Investment Says About Solar Beyond the Grid in 2015

Huffington Post, February 2, 2015

We’re only one month into 2015 and it already looks like it’ll be a wild ride when it comes to investment in solar energy beyond the grid.

I say that because I recently sat down with a private equity investor who has been interested in beyond the grid solar markets for years. He is, of course, unique — someone with a deep background in these energy markets who saw the potential years ago and is very interested in seeing them succeed. But, as he pointed out several times during the conversation, despite the enormous potential, the beyond-the-grid solar market never felt mature enough to actually invest. That is until now.

Why the turning point?

The first big step came with the remarkable spate of investments that made 2014 a record-setting year with more than $64 million in new investments, according to Greentech Media.

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