Intelligent LED Technology for the Win

Jeff Perkins for Zondits, December 13, 2014

GreenTech Media recently reported on a study showing that intelligent LED technology can result in significant savings in industrial facilities. California’s PG&E, the state’s largest utility, took a detailed look at a networked LED system installed by Digital Lumens at an Ace Hardware warehouse; the LED system replaced metal-halide high bay fixtures. PG&E monitored achievable savings using different control strategies for the new lighting system. Replacing metal-halides with LEDs alone resulted in a 50% drop in energy use. The study also demonstrated that by adding control strategies, the facility could reduce its energy consumption from lighting by a whopping 93%. The full PG&E study has additional details on methodology and results.

Energy & Resource Solutions (ERS), an engineering consultant group specializing in energy efficiency, has found similar results in quantifying energy savings from advanced LED systems. ERS evaluated a lighting replacement project in a refrigerated warehouse in Massachusetts that involved replacing metal-halide fixtures with LED fixtures, each equipped with an individual occupancy sensor. The study showed that the energy consumption from lighting dropped by approximately 80%. The new system also resulted in interactive savings from the cooling system. Additionally, the LEDs resulted in a 36% reduction in demand for the lighting system.


Look How Drastically Intelligent LEDs Can Cut Energy Consumption

GreenTech Efficiency, November 22, 2013

PG&E, California’s largest utility, wanted to know how much energy controllable LEDs could save its industrial customers.

It recently found its answer: a lot.

Earlier this year, the utility tested the performance of a networked LED system at a 44,800-square-foot Ace Hardware distribution warehouse in California. The system was installed and controlled by Digital Lumens, a Boston-based company with more than 500 projects deployed in the commercial and industrial sector. Digital Lumens says its system, which combines monitoring software, building controls and LED fixtures, can save customers up to 90 percent on lighting costs.

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