Intelligent Efficiency at Work

The workplace – the next major connected ecosystem

Tech Radar. Image credit: FirmBee

Businesses today are busy automating, embracing big data and trying to figure out what the Internet of Things means for them, but what about the workplace? With ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) firmly embedded, smart devices and wearables are about to fuel a new focus on smart, intuitive digital services for employees.

Welcome to the office, the next major connected ecosystem, and we’re going to explore this brave new world over the following slides…

Smart apps at work

The first phase of the digitisation of the office is about bringing together existing technologies as smart apps. “We designed a system for a bank in Istanbul that helped the staff plan their day and interact with customers,” says Mark Curtis, co-founder and chief client officer at design and innovation consultancy firm Fjord, who describes how the dashboard collates information on meetings, targets and also includes internal communications.

Such data-harvesting apps are possible now, though offices and workplaces are yet to see the emergence of an iconic smart device, such as Nest or Philips Hue smart bulbs in the world of smart homes. However, Curtis says that any technology that takes things off the ‘thinking list’ is potentially a game-changer.

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