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Indian IT Giant Conducts Groundbreaking Energy Efficiency Experiment

Infosys proves going green is affordable with buildings experiment in India

The Guardian, August 28, 2014

Want to have a green building? Of course you do. Can you afford it? That’s the question.

From Mumbai to Manchester, it’s the same old stumbling block that stops green projects getting off the ground. Environment costs money, lots of it, upfront. Sure, you might recoup it in terms of energy savings eventually, but meanwhile, those capital costs are just too prohibitive.

At least this is the conventional wisdom. In India, where a construction boom is seeing towers explode out of the ground across the country, it’s a wisdom that is deeply unsustainable. Already highly dependent on coal and diesel, increasing quantities of which are imported, India faces a looming energy gap. More of the same simply won’t do.

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