Using HOBO Loggers to Identify Cable Set-Top Box Energy Savings Potential

Plug Load Data Loggers to Monitor Cable Set-Top Box Energy Use as Part of Energy Efficiency Study, October 29, 2014

Onset, a world leader in data loggers, today announced that engineering and energy efficiency consulting firm Alternative Energy Systems Consulting (AESC) will use 25 Onset HOBO Plug Load loggers to identify the energy savings potential of cable set-top box (STB) optimization.

The monitoring project will investigate the energy consumption of cable television STBs in active and passive states at 25 California residences. To identify the energy savings potential of STB optimization, AESC will monitor both power and IR remote-control activity. Using these two data streams, AESC will isolate times of active and inactive use and their respective energy consumption. The power and energy consumption of STBs during times when the residents are not watching TV could prove to be a significant energy savings opportunity.

“The plug load data loggers will enable us to study set-top box use and their loads in order to better understand how we can save energy from an application that is present in over 80% of United States homes,” said M M Valmiki, an engineer with AESC. “And, the results from the study will inform progress towards California’s energy efficiency goals.”

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