Heat Generated by Compressed Air Systems as Source of Energy Savings

Turning Air Compressors Into An Energy Source

Manufacturing.net, October 11, 2013

The rise in energy prices is an unwelcome reality in today’s manufacturing and business environment. While the rate of price increases for natural gas, heating oil, and other sources may vary from year to year, the upward trajectory is clear. Energy cost reduction strategies are vital to staying competitive.

One important way operational efficiencies can be increased is by harnessing heat from compressed air systems, which are a major component of industrial energy consumption.

The heat generated by compressed air systems can be a very good source of energy savings. In fact, 100 percent of the electrical energy used by an industrial air compressor is converted into heat. 96 percent of this heat can be recovered (the balance remains in the compressed air or radiates from the compressor into the immediate surroundings).

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