GreenChill Platinum Certified Stores Can Reduce Harmful Emissions by 95%

Cascade system earns highest GreenChill status

Cooling Post, September 11, 2015. Image credit: dawnfu

According to the EPA, a typical US supermarket leaks approximately 1,000lbs of harmful refrigerant gas into the atmosphere every year. GreenChill Platinum Certified Stores reduce those emissions by at least 95%. This store is said to go further by reducing its annual global warming impact to only a fraction of 1% of a traditional store using HFC refrigerants.

The cascade refrigeration system design utilises ammonia and carbon dioxide as refrigerants in a cascade arrangement. Through innovative design, Kysor/Warren has reduced the amount of ammonia refrigerant to only 3/4lb per ton of refrigeration totalling 53lbs, all of which is confined to the roof of the supermarket. Minimising the ammonia charge eliminates the need for on-site engineers and other requirements typically associated with ammonia applications.

In addition to providing significant direct emissions benefits, Kysor/Warren says its NH3/CO2 cascade system can provide significant energy savings versus both traditional HFC systems and CO2 transcritical systems in many climates. The cascade system design is also highly configurable and can be designed with other high-side refrigerants to meet individual retailer preferences.

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