Green App Helps Retailers Save Energy & Promotes EE

Green app launched to help retailers with energy efficiency

Blue & Green Tomorrow, October 16, 2014

The app has been developed by Enscape Consulting Ltd and is free to download from Google Play or Apple store. The idea was launched by Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme by Zero Waste Scotland aimed at boosting resource efficiency and promoting a circular economy across the country.

The app, which gives small retailers videos, practical tools and links advising on how to be more efficient, will be presented at the Retail Energy Efficiency Task Force in London, where large retailers will be advising smaller ones on how to save energy and other resources.

Resource Efficient Scotland’s Stephen Boyle, programme area manager for the business sector, said, “The retail sector has the potential to make huge efficiency savings and we are keen to help them realise savings where they can and to make their businesses more efficient.

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