Giant Participates in EE Program & Gain More Than Energy Savings

A local grocery store makes a “giant” gain with energy efficiency

Fox 43, November 7, 2014

Giant Food Stores fifty percent of the market in Central Pennsylvania which means one of two shoppers in the area might be seeing changes.

Susan Anthos has been shopping for many years at the same grocery store in Cumberland County.

One day last winter, Anthos says she thought she noticed a change at her Giant Food Store in New Cumberland.

“With everything they are doing here, it seems like foods are fresher,” says customer Susan Anthos,  “I don’t know if its my imagination but it does seem fresher.”

It’s not her imagination. Giant in New Cumberland is participating in a pilot program to make the company’s store more energy efficient.  Some of the examples include making changes to the produce, meat and dairy aisles.

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