Fujitsu Server

Fujitsu’s New Efficient, Space Saving Servers

Fujitsu announces new energy efficient servers

Business Cloud, February 10, 2015

While IBM, Dell, Lenovo and HP are battling it out over which server offers the greater performance and power, Fujitsu have delivered a completely different approach to marketing their new range of servers. Focusing on a target market that lacks space and power this seems at first glance slightly odd in the world of theoretically unlimited cloud computing. However Fujitsu might be onto something quite interesting with this latest announcement.

This is not to say that the new servers are not powerful in themselves and Fujitsu have been quick to release the benchmarking statistics for the new servers. The new servers have been designed to improve efficiency and maximise the use of rack space especially in those environments where there are caps on power and cooling.

Data centres are built to last and companies have found that at some point they reach the limit on the number of servers they are able to place within their data centre. This is not limited merely to corporate but also to Cloud Service Providers who have gne to the expense of building data centers to find that the power and cooling requirements are no longer sufficient as faster more modern servers demand great power and cololing. Often data centres racks cannot be filled as a CSP will limit the power draw to an individual rack and some will check the btu’s output by each server with a secondary limitation.

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