Building Efficiency

FridgeWize’s Q10 and Q12 Blades Promise Efficiency and Savings

Glenwood firm annouces breakthrough technology with carbon fiber refrigeration blades

Denver Journal, May 29, 2014

Glenwood Springs-based FridgeWize, a provider of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration solutions, is now selling Q12 and Q10 evaporator motor fan blades, which owners Ryan and Juan Grobler say are a dramatic technological improvement over aluminum and plastic blades commonly used in refrigeration systems.

The carbon fiber Q12 and Q10 evaporator motor fan blades are engineered to significantly reduce energy consumption, according to a press release from FridgeWize, the Q12 and Q10 evaporator motor fan blades.

The blades are significantly stronger and more durable than aluminum blades. Aluminum evaporator motor fan blades have the tensile strength of approximately 20,000 PSI, compared to FridgeWize fan blades’ 207,000 PSI, according to the press release. The added strength allows for a teardrop shape and thin, lightweight design that maintains its form and maximizes efficiency. Additionally, the carbon fiber composite means the blades will not rust to the motor shaft, preserving equipment.

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