Five Reasons to Build Student Support around Campus Sustainability

Five Reasons Why Colleges Should Promote Campus Energy Projects to Students

Performance Services, September 29, 2014

Sustainability efforts, energy savings, and greenhouse gas inventory metrics are all high priorities to a college or university, and more importantly, to their students. When engaging in a master energy plan or energy savings renovation project, there is an excellent opportunity to build student support around campus sustainability.

Energy improvements occur mostly out of sight so raising awareness of these projects can hold real benefits, including encouraging desired behaviors on how a campus building can and should be used to contribute to a college’s carbon footprint reduction goals. Here are five reasons to consider actively promoting your campus energy efficiency projects to students, faculty and community stakeholders:

1. It contributes to your overall sustainability story:A capital renovation project with measurable energy savings goals offers a great platform for communicating a success story about your campus efforts. Today’s students love to hear this and expect it to some degree. Involving students throughout the process not only builds credibility for your campus’ sustainability projects, but it also creates an opportunity for perspective students who are looking to get involved with sustainability on campus.
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