Feed Your Caffeine Addiction as Efficiently as Possible

Feed your Caffeine Addiction as Efficiently as Possible

Gita Subramony for Zondits, May 16, 2014

The coffeemaker, a staple of the modern work place, is an often overlooked appliance.

This commonplace break room feature can contribute to plug loads along with computers, copiers, and other office equipment. A large coffeemaker can consume up to 1300 kWh in year, and the coffee it makes is probably at best slightly burned and not so tasty.

That’s where La Fenice comes in to play. Developed by Italian coffee enthusiasts, La Fenic is the first coffeemaker to use electromagnetic induction. The versatile device has different filters to make a range of coffee drinks including espresso, filter coffee, and K-Cup coffee.

The device claims to use 80% less energy than a typical coffeemaker and also makes coffee on-demand (no more waiting for the water to heat up). La Fenice also boasts a direct water temperature sensor so that its coffee is brewed at precisely the right temperature. Currently, the device is in prototype, and the development team is seeking funding through Kickstarter.