Experiential Perspectives of AIRMaster+ for Industrial Compressed Air Systems

Applications of AIRMaster+ in Real Industrial Facilities

Satyen Moray with Mark D’Antonio, Yogesh Patil, and Alan MacDougall for Zondits, November 20, 2013

The U.S. Department of Energy has been developing a suite of analytical tools to assess various technologies present in industrial facilities of which AIRMaster+ is a fairly recent addition. AIRMaster+ is a Windows-based software tool used to analyze industrial compressed air systems intended to enable users to model existing compressed air systems, evaluate system upgrades, and assess savings. The software provides a systematic approach to investigate inefficiencies in compressed air systems. The software itself is well documented and training programs are provided through the Department of Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge Program.

This presentation focuses on real world experiences and the overall process of applying the AIRMaster+ analytical tool to actual industrial facilities and applications. In it, we outline the overall approach to obtain the necessary field data required as inputs to the software. This includes discussions of the data collection methodologies employed and the process of incorporating field data into the software to generate the compressed air assessments. It also discusses the processes required to establish the supply and demand side profiles and components of the systems, and how to develop scenarios for energy efficiency measures. A case study of an actual facility has been incorporated to provide clarity in discussing the process. Advantages and limitations of the software are clearly described. The overall objective of the presentation is to provide experiential perspectives on the application of the AIRMaster+ software in industrial facilities, and to discuss the associated benefits and potential enhancements of this powerful tool.

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