Evluma Releases ConnectLED v2.0 to Control AreaMax LED Luminaires Wirelessly

Evluma releases wireless Bluetooth Low Energy lighting control app for AreaMax LED luminaires

LEDs Magazine, July 16, 2015. Image credit: www.ledsmagazine.com

LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces the release of ConnectLED v2.0, a wireless BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) lighting control application designed to work with Evluma AreaMax LED luminaires at a range up to 150 ft. The new, enhanced application runs on an Android tablet and is available for sale immediately. Users can set dimming schedules, brightness levels, or quickly disconnect the luminaire from service.

ConnectLED v2.0 lighting control for the tablet consolidates the popular BLE keyfob remote with the powerful features of the PC application to create a single efficient, portable tool for controlling Evluma AreaMax luminaires. “Unifying AreaMax controls on a conveniently-sized tablet gives linemen greater accuracy and insight when communicating with the AreaMax. The interest and demand for LED controls is growing. The Android tablet product development platform will allow Evluma to deliver the tools our customers consider indispensable to successful energy and maintenance savings,” stated David Tanonis, VP of sales and marketing at Evluma.

“Every AreaMax is shipped from the factory equipped to work with ConnectLED. Customers can employ energy and maintenance saving features at any time during ownership,” said David. Up to four different time periods can be set to create a dimming schedule with a light output range between 100% and 20%. Brightness settings can be adjusted for areas with specific lighting requirements without disrupting fixture uniformity. Using ConnectLED for lighting control, linemen can check the status of a luminaire during the day when the light is normally off, the hardest time of day to troubleshoot, reading the time, location and if Photocontrol Failsafe is in operation. Photocontrol Failsafe is a popular AreaMax feature that continuously manages the dusk-till-dawn, on/off cycle according to the luminaire’s location should the photocontrol ever fail.

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