Europe: Reality of New F-Gas Regulations

‘Prepare for new ways of working’ as F-Gas refrigeration regs come to pass

RAC, May 22, 2014

… although many of the restrictions, bans and changes in practice don’t come into force until 2020, the planning and general educational process needs to start early.

The major change for the industry will be the move toward lower-GWP gases, which will be controlled by a range of bans, notably the ban on servicing large systems with refrigerants over 2500 GWP, which takes effect from 2020.

“You have got to tell customers not to look at new R404A equipment. Check if you are affected by the service ban and make plans for early actions. I am very worried that in 2018 the shape of the phasedown will create real supply issues for R404A, so I would urge that service ban actions are actually taken by 2018, not 2020.”

Another of the key changes is the move from measurement of refrigerant in kilogrammes to CO2 equivalent in order to help the industry move away from the high GWPs. Mr Gluckman cautioned: “People in the industry won’t struggle with GWP-weighting, but most other people will, and that means the customers.”

Graham Fox of AREA revealed that the contractors’ body was developing an App for installers, which will allow them to make the conversions.

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