Essess Offers “Drive-by” Energy Audits

Energy Efficiency: MIT spinout develops drive-by heat mapping

Penn Energy, January 12, 2015

In 2007, Google unleashed a fleet of cars with roof-mounted cameras to provide street-level images of roads around the world. Now, MIT spinout Essess is bringing similar “drive-by” innovations to energy efficiency in homes and businesses.

The startup deploys cars with thermal-imaging rooftop rigs that create heat maps of thousands of homes and buildings per hour, detecting fixable leaks in “building envelopes” — windows, doors, walls, and foundations — to help owners curb energy loss.

About the size of a large backpack, Essess’ rig includes several long-wave infrared radiometric cameras and near-infrared cameras. These cameras capture heat signatures, while a LiDAR system captures 3-D images to discern building facades from the physical environment. An onboard control system has software to track the route and manage the cameras.

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