EnerNOC Software Predicts Energy Use & Costs, Reduces Peak Demand Charges

EnerNOC Helps Enterprise Customers Accurately Predict Energy Usage and Costs With Latest Software Release

Global Newswire, July 15, 2014

EnerNOC, Inc., a leading provider of energy intelligence software (EIS), today announced the release of its newest software update. This update includes the Company’s new predictive energy algorithm and tariff engine, empowering enterprise customers to predict energy costs with a high degree of accuracy. The new capabilities provide a granular view into future energy usage and spend to help users optimize consumption and reduce peak demand charges, which can comprise 30% or more of total monthly electricity costs.

“Whether a customer has one site, ten sites, or 1,000, the demand management capabilities in this software update are beneficial,” said Micah Remley, Vice President of Product Strategy and Technology at EnerNOC. “This release takes what we do exceptionally well in demand response at the system level, arms customers with the information to understand when they are at risk of setting a new individual peak – and how much money could be saved by avoiding it – and empowers them to be proactive in taking control of energy costs and mitigating expenses.”

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