Energy Saving Tips to Keep Your Electricity Bill as Cool as Your Refrigerator

Energy efficiency and your refrigerator

Cobb EMC. Image credit: Dave Baker

Summer months are great for grilling. And that means you don’t have to use electricity to operate the oven or stove – or cool a hot kitchen. But don’t stop with energy efficient cooking methods. Consider how you can conserve and save money while cooling those barbecue leftovers. Use these simple tips to keep your food – and your bill – cool this summer:

  • Fill it up. Full refrigerators and freezers don’t have to work as hard to cool the warm air that enters when you open the door. If your fridge is unfilled, use jugs of water or ice bags in the freezer to keep your fridge full and cool.
  • Do some maintenance. Pull the unit away from the wall and spend a few minutes cleaning the coils. When the coils are clean, the refrigerator cycles on and off less, saving you money.
  • Wait to put the leftovers away. If those burgers are still hot from the grill, let them cool off a little before you put them in the fridge. Of course, health and safety come first, and you should never consume food that has been sitting out too long, but waiting just a few minutes to put hot food away will mean your fridge isn’t working as hard to cool it down.
  • Check your settings. Your refrigerator can be set between 36 and 38 degrees, while your freezer can be set anywhere from 0 to five degrees.
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