Energy-Saving Tips to Battle the “Thugs” of Energy Consumption

Energy-saving tips offered for electronic devices

Deseret News, September 12, 2014

Rocky Mountain Power is encouraging customers to implement energy-saving tactics with “energy thugs,” the various modern gadgets used around the home and office that can use a lot of power.

The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that nearly two-thirds of U.S. homeowners own a smartphone. Plus tablets, Blu-ray disc players, and Internet-enabled TVs are the top purchases of the year. These popular electronic items can continue to pull energy while plugged into a wall socket and not in use.

“We are all acquiring new helpful and entertaining electronic gadgets, and it’s important to recognize ways to save energy,” said Kathryn Hymas, vice president of finance and energy efficiency programs for Rocky Mountain Power. “The best way to save energy is to be aware of your electricity use and make sure you use it wisely. By simply unplugging battery chargers when our mobile devices are fully charged, we can save energy and money.”

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