Energy Efficiency Mandates at Risk in Ohio

Gita Subramony for Zondits, April 6, 2014

Just as Indiana’s energy efficiency program was on the chopping block, neighboring Ohio’s energy efficiency mandates are also at risk. Senate Bill 310 proposes that an Energy Mandates Study Committee investigate the costs of efficiency and renewable programs in the state. In addition, the proposal allows energy reduction targets to be frozen at 4.2% of sales (Ohio’s original goal was to reduce demand by 22% by 2025). The proposed law also eliminates renewable energy goals as well. Opponents of the bill have demonstrated that consumers are saving money through energy efficiency programs. Those in favor of abolishing the efficiency and renewable goals argue that the mandates interfere with the market and do not benefit consumers. Once again, energy efficiency is at risk in the Midwest.


Ohio GOP bill would freeze state energy efficiency and renewable energy at current levels

Cleveland.Com, March 28, 2014

The Ohio Senate Republican leadership introduced legislation Friday that freezes the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy mandates at this year’s levels.

The proposed legislation — Senate Bill 310 —  would also create a special committee — the Energy Mandates Study Committee. That committee is to determine by Dec. 15, 2015, how much existing mandated energy efficiency projects and renewable energy power plants such as wind farms and solar fields actually cost customers — and what the cost would be if the state resumed the mandates contained in existing law.

And the legislation would require state regulators to enact new rules by the end of this year requiring every utility to disclose the costs of such programs on every customer’s bill.

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