Why Energy Efficiency Is a Hard Sell

How to make energy efficiency an easy sell

GreenBiz, November 20, 2013

Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective, easy and rapid ways to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Efficiency gains can be measured through software tools, sensor networks and predictive analytics.

Yet when you talk to people in the efficiency industry, they invariably complain that people don’t pay attention to efficiency measures and tools.

This remains a chief paradox of the sustainability industry. Don’t get me wrong: Efficiency advocates have achieved a lot over the last several decades.Art Rosenfeld’s efforts starting in the mid-1970s have helped save millions of dollars and converted appliance makers from being hostile to the concept of energy efficiency to seeing it as a selling point. And there’s plenty of room to grow. Solid-state lighting in the U.S. alone could reduce power consumption by the same amount that would be produced by nearly 50 nuclear plants by 2030.

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