Energizing Indiana Program Eliminated, Returning to Senate for Consideration

Indiana House Votes To End An Innovative Energy Efficiency Program

Climate Progress, February 27, 2014

The Indiana House of Representatives voted 69-26 to end a state program that requires all electricity customers to pay a monthly fee to promote energy-efficiency efforts.

The original Senate bill was designed to allow industries that use 1 megawatt or more of electricity per month to opt out of the Energizing Indiana program, which they claimed was proving a financial burden and not offering useful benefits.

The Energizing Indiana Program launched two years ago by former governor Mitch Daniels costs the average household about $2/month and the money is used to conduct energy audits, weatherization programs and rebates on energy-saving appliances. The program’s website says it’s saved enough energy in the past two years to power nearly 78,000 homes in Indiana.

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