EMaine Targets Remote Audits & New Techniques through Innovative Program

Pilot programs with Efficiency Maine tackle data, integration

Intelligent Utility, December 25, 2013

In this time of government shutdowns and showdowns, thinking about efficiency as dictated by legislation may seem a bit amusing. But, Efficiency Maine, an independent trust that serves as a consolidating “home base” for consumer efficiency programs, all started with the Maine Legislature and a 2002 bill, and its no joke. In fact, it’s wildly successful, with a bevy of programs for fuel, alternative energy, thermal efficiency, a break on costs and a source for supply options—all for the end-user.

“Efficiency Maine offers programs that promote the efficient and cost-effective use of energy for individuals and businesses. Think of us as a kind of statewide utility that delivers Maine’s lowest cost energy resource, which is energy efficiency,” said Paul Badeau, director of communications with Efficiency Maine

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