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Facing Higher Electricity Rates, Connecticut Residents Seek Clean Energy

In Solar And Energy Efficiency, Many See A Refuge From Spiking Power Bills

Hartford Courant, November 23, 2014

A year ago, Charles Epstein called a company to come and change all the light bulbs in his Cromwell home. Workers caulked his drafty windows and sealed leaky door jams. It helped, but only so much.

Epstein, in his late 60s, kept in the back of his mind that solar panels could be his next move.

As power prices recently signaled that they would be making an unwelcome move upward, Epstein picked up the phone and called a solar company.

“We have been looking at it for a while,” he said. “When the increase was announced and we knew for sure that it would be on our bill, that was the extra incentive to see it through.”

Epstein and others are not waiting for higher electricity prices to hit their bills come January. Just the thought has compelled many to find ways to cut their reliance on traditional power utilities, according to solar installers, energy conservation contractors and the utilities themselves.

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