Efficiency Software Firm Spins off from Parent Company

Can This Intelligent Efficiency Startup Succeed on Its Own?

GreenTech Efficiency, February 11, 2014

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the budding intelligent efficiency sector has witnessed one of its first breakups.

5twenty, a software startup that built the platform for monitoring energy consumption at the Veteran’s Administration (VA) headquarters, has decided to split from its parent company, SPARC.

The company’s small team of developers say they’re ready to become a more serious energy efficiency firm, and their relationship with SPARC — a pure software company — was not allowing them to execute on that vision.

“We weren’t able to focus on our own strategy and brand,” said Jeff Beck, a product manager at 5twenty, who will help lead the team’s transition. “We went to SPARC and told them we were dying on the vine. We needed to pivot the business model.”

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