Efficiency Long Known to Be Least Cost is also Highest Value

US Building Efficiency Was Worth More Than Clean Electricity in 2013

GreenTechMedia, February 20, 2014

America’s building sector often gets criticized for being an inefficient drain on the country’s electricity system. At the same time, the natural gas industry gets held up as an economic miracle for the grid. But does that perception match reality?

A new analysis suggests that those assessments may be a little skewed — at least when it comes to yearly revenues in those sectors.

Advanced Energy Economy, a clean energy business advocacy group co-founded by billionaire activist Tom Steyer, has released a report valuing the global advanced energy sector using data from Navigant Research. The report found that the global advanced energy economy — which includes efficient transport, biofuels, commercial and industrial efficiency, and clean electricity generation — was valued at $1.1 trillion in 2013.

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