Efficiency Deniers Take Round One in Indiana

Jeff Perkins for Zondits, February 14, 2014

Despite plenty of evidence that industry and EE programs work best when working together as discussed here, Republicans in Indiana are taking a swipe at the states efficiency objectives by pushing for Industrial opt-out.


Ind. Senate OKs bill targeting efficiency program

Seattle Pi, February 4, 2014

Environmental and citizens groups are warning that a bill advancing in the Indiana Legislature threatens to undermine a 2-year-old energy-efficiency program that’s seen successes in helping homeowners and businesses cut their energy use.

The bill passed the state Senate on a 37-11 vote Monday and headed to the House for consideration. The measure would allow Indiana industries that use one megawatt or more of electricity to pull out of Energizing Indiana, a program they currently help finance through a fee on their monthly electricity bills.

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