Energy Efficiency

EE IT Pushes Industry Spending to $250 Billion Annually

Gita Subramony for Zondits, July 9, 2014

Energy efficiency is a booming industry at the moment. Targeting opportunities for energy savings has greatly benefited from the growth of the information technology industry; as more data is captured and made accessible, finding ways to make buildings more efficient has become more streamlined.


How Energy Efficiency Is Hitting It Big With The High Tech Industry

Climate Progress, July 1, 2014

Energy efficiency, once dismissed as “Jimmy Carter trying to persuade [Americans] to wear an extra sweater and turn down the thermostat,” is now a booming high-tech industry, according to a report last week in the L.A. Times.

American electricity providers have tripled their spending on energy efficiency programs since 2006, the piece reports, and spending on efficiency technologies and programs reached $250 billion worldwide last year. According to the International Energy Agency, which compiles the numbers, spending could hit $500 billion by 2035. The flurry of activity not only involves new technology and efficiency upgrades, but an enormous growth in the use of data by power providers and other firms to profile customers’ energy use to recommend savings and improvements.

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